Growth financing

Growth is essentially important in every business. A company must have a growth strategy – or else they will sooner or later disappear. Others – competitors or newly born startups – try every minute to offer your clients a better value proposition.

Growth can be organic or really dynamic, somehow inorganic. We serve the best companies wanting to grow, creating their strategies and supporting them to get funding, as growth must be financed.

Depending on the company life cycle and your goals, venture capital, private equity, combined financing or a strategic investor can be the solution for your dreams to come true. What amount of money will you need and when? How will you realize your strategy? What return can you promise for your investor? That’s why this journey always begins with a well-developed strategy and business plan.

Ready with your strategy and business plan?

With our local presence and international network, we have access to hundreds of investors. Being members of the relevant Venture Capital and Private Equity Associations, we are always on top of the latest industry trends.

How can we help you achieve your goals?
  • Creating your winning business strategy
  • Preparing an in-depth business plan
  • Calculating enterprise value with several methods (DCF, multiples etc)
  • Identifying the matching investors (investment volume, industry, background, regional focus, other synergies), creating the long list
  • Support in the preparation: teaser, presentation, typical deal structures and terms, negotiation tactics, exit strategy
  • Contacting the investors, support during negotiations
  • Assessing the offers, negotiating term sheets
  • Support in due diligence (preliminary red flag report etc), transaction assistance
  • Support in negotiating SPA, SHA – working together with lawyers, tax advisors
  • Managing and assisting with closing
  • Tracking the growth, support in following rounds of financing
Happy with our high class contribution?

We can support you hand-in-hand to realize your strategy as well!