Focus on Jeremie Funds – Joint event of HVCA and M27 ABSOLVO

2015 is the last year when the Jeremie funds have the opportunity to find their investment targets. 130 Mio EURs equity is at the Jeremie VC funds’ disposal. Is it possible to close approx. 100 deals before the end of 2015? Will this setup change their investment strategy? These issues have been raised and answered during the event.


  • Balázs GARAMVÖLGYI, CEO of MV Zrt
  • Zoltán BRUCKNER, partner of Primus Capital
  • Lénárd HORGOS, partner of M27 ABSOLVO
  • Sándor ZSOLDOS, CEO of IPR Insights
  • János LÓCZI, CEO of Gremon Systems
  • Elemér ESZTER, partner of PBG FMC
  • Dr Zsolt MAKRA, investment director of Alliance Jura-Hongrie
  • Gábor KISS, investment director of Bonitás VC Fund
  • Gergely SZŰCS, investment director of Valor Capital



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