We don’t rest until we bring you business!

If you know your strategy, have chosen your target market, and you know who your potential clients are, we help you get to them! (If you don’t, click here and we will help you develop the winning strategy!)

  • It all starts with a good profile of your ideal customer
  • If you have the right database, you are almost there!

A lot of time, money and energy can be saved, if your database of potential clients contains only those who are really the ones you want to work with! Our local experts put a lot of effort into carefully compiling your long list, matching the right sector, the right company, the right decision-maker.

  • Contacting (client or partner search)

We could say: now we ONLY have to get clients, but as we all know, this is the toughest challenge: Will they pick up the phone, respond to e-mails, fix a meeting with you? Do they like your products/solutions? Do they have a budget for it? What kinds of products do they already have/use? Are your competitors already there?

Trust us, we have done this many times!

Our local experts will contact your potential partners with a value-offer, using the right local language, tailor-made to the specific needs of the partner. We will not rest until we deliver you business.  You can measure our success by the revenue we generate, the number of qualified leads we bring, the meetings or teleconferences we organize, or the contracts you sign with the local partners!