Market insight

Have you ever come across 800 pages of market research? Have you ever felt that you don’t know what to do with these seemingly valuable data? A good consultant makes decision-making easier and not more complicated!

We only bring you information that lead to specific actions tomorrow!

We only bring you information that lead to specific actions tomorrow!

What we always research is:

  1. Your potential customer

Who will they be? Do they have a budget? Do they use the products, solutions of your competitors? Who are the decision-makers? Where and how do they purchase? We bring this information directly from them: we do not only analyse reports and data, but we go and ask them directly!

If we jointly decide to do so, M27 Group’s local experts can test your product or service with the target group directly by asking their opinion thus validating your assumptions about the market potential.

  1. Your competitors

There is always a competitor. If there is no competition, then there might be no market. Maybe it is „only” a substitute product, maybe it is a low quality or cheap solution, but it might be used and liked  by your potential customer!

Just as with customers, you need to know everything about your competition: How do they do pricing? What are the sales channels they use? How many people work for them? What is their strategy? What do they eat for breakfast?

  1. Market barriers

There might be legislation that you are not prepared for. There might be local habits that favour one of your competitors or a special quality requirement that your product does not yet qualify for. We will warn you and adapt your strategy to these local requirements!

Contact our colleagues to schedule a date for us to deliver this information so you can start invading your chosen market!

Of course, we can support you in the realization of your strategies with client or partner search or if you just need someone to sit next to you in your cockpit!